Pact raises 3M in Seed Round, accountability platform moves to wide release

Focus On The Work That Matters

With Pact, teams get:

More Focus Time
Fewer misses
More trust
Proactive communication
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Pact tracks commitments between people at work. Pacts are created simply within Slack and updated by each person using automated messages. Analytics on past performance and current blockers are sent frequently to drive accountability and trust without extra meetings.

No additional logins necessary if you use Slack. Just install the app and start immediately.
Once a pact is created, automatic notifications make sure work doesn't fall through the cracks.
See which pacts have been completed on time, and which Pacts are blocked.

Teams working with Pact have 15x more visibility into outcomes and 3x more accurate delivery dates

Receive status updates automatically

Pact users update status daily from their personal Slack channel. This automated flow of information creates benefits across the organization:

  • Immediately detect blockers and delayed projects
  • Reduce the number of meetings and messages used for updates
  • Easily manage projects without dedicated managers like cross-functional teams

Teams managing work with Pact create 15 times more data,
and their estimates are 3x more accurate

Accountability leads to high-performing teams

Celebrate your team's accomplishments with positive notifications and weekly reports on wins. When your team is blocked or overwhelmed with work, Pact shows you quickly so you can jump in to help.

Automated notifications
with workers

Configuration from experienced services team

Connects to existing platforms

Reports to managers

An automated coach for teamwork

• Identify overloaded individuals
• Help teams not getting traction
• Eliminate failure to communicate

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Pact work?

Pact is a collaboration tool that helps you get your most important work done and communicate with others automatically about it.Most users use Pact as a Slack bot that helps you track all your tasks with a person and a date. It then sends you reminders as the dates approach.

What happens when I add Pact to Slack?

First, click on the Add to Slack button. This will take you to sign in through Slack—the page may ask you to select your Slack team if you belong to multiple Slack workspaces.

The Slack sign-up process will also ask you to give Pact permission to access Slack. (We won’t message anyone without your permission)

You are signed up now. You’ll receive a message in Slack to start using Pact.

How do I use Pact in Slack?

Type /pact to learn more about Pact and to create a commitment (pact) with yourself. You will get a reminder from Pact to get this commitment done the next working day or reset expectations if you can meet it.

Type /create-pact to create a pact with someone else at your company. That person will get a notification about the pact and will also get reminders when the expected date comes. 

You can also message @pact directly on Slack if you have further questions.

Uses your existing tools seamlessly

No need to install additional platforms. Our API driven technology works on top of your existing systems.

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